Bad Chick Xmas

by Ekelle

Toronto’s own Ekelle is turning up the holiday season with her latest track, “Bad Chick Xmas,” blending the cheer of Christmas with a dose of hip-hop flair. Known for her distinctive Hood Pop style—a fusion of hip hop, pop, and R&B—Ekelle brings a fresh sound to the festive scene.

“Bad Chick Xmas” isn’t your typical holiday tune. Ekelle injects her real-life experiences into the lyrics, creating a track that resonates with authenticity. The song seamlessly weaves through hip-hop beats and pop rap vibes, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional holiday music.

As Ekelle unwraps her unique sound, she invites listeners to celebrate a Bad Chick Xmas—embracing the festive spirit with an edge. Get ready to groove to Ekelle’s holiday beats and experience Christmas like never before.