by Moneyman Pocketz

Get ready to elevate your music playlist with “BAG BACK,” the latest banger from Moneyman Pocketz and Mojo SVG. This dynamic collaboration showcases the best of Hip-hop/Rap, delivering powerful beats and sharp lyrics that resonate deeply.

Moneyman Pocketz, hailing from Indianapolis, IN, is making waves in the music industry under the banner of New Improved Hiphop LLC. Known for his unique sound and compelling storytelling, Moneyman Pocketz brings authenticity and energy to every track he produces.

“Bag Back” is a testament to the raw talent and passion that both Moneyman Pocketz and Mojo SVG infuse into their music. The track is a high-octane anthem that captures the essence of modern hip-hop while pushing boundaries with innovative beats and lyrical prowess.

Turn up the volume and let “BAG BACK” take you on a thrilling musical journey that you won’t soon forget.

Dred Gang NewImprovedHiphop,llc

Moneyman Pocketz