Balloons of memories

by Arhkota

Video link:

(Balloons of Memories – 5 Track Album Coming out this January 3rd 2022. on all Platforms.

“Balloons of Memories is about memories you always remember like, your old town, your love ones who pass away, nostalgia about happiness and deception, nostalgia about old songs and pictures, but everything is more related for Love,Happiness and Peace.
the 5 Balloons represent 5 memories.. like: (Love, Death, changes, Peace, Art).

Specially this Video is dedicated to:
In Memory of Neylenne Ramirez, Llona Bendl, Angelica Cota Delgado,Mariano Marquez,Jorge Fisher. (Maintenant ce sont des Anges)

Video – Short Film – Recorded, Directed by Oscar Coronel Productions at LA River Park,LA,CA. Frog Town.

Music Produced by Arhkota.
Shruti Box by Edgar Cota
Clarinet by Frida V. De La Sota.
Record Label: Dream74 (002) and Static Discos.