Betcha By Golly Wow

by LT Turner Jr

Betcha By Golly Wow from LT Turner Jr, is a next level Easy Listening, Ballads, Instrumental song with an extremely cool melody. He said “Celebrating my 5 Year Anniversary of my Debut Single. “Betcha By Golly Wow” (released May 1st, 2016) is the precursor to my EP, “Season’s of Love”. We all experience various “Seasons of Love” in our lives and this single represents the “summer” season of love. This song represents a two-fold meaning: One, a celebration of all those who are currently experiencing this beautiful season of love in their life. And two – a song of hope and intent to all those who desire to experience this season of love. No matter what season of love you may be experiencing, my hope and prayer is that you will feel the love, joy, and peace in this song so that love will radiant from your soul to everyone in your life. . . Thank you for your love & support of my music! Sharing the gift of music, one note at a time….”