Blue Wrld

by Sky

Blue Wrld from Sky, is a next level Lofi Hip hop song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, 18 year old hip hop producer Sky makes his way in the music industry with his chill beats, after years of listening to lofi on late nights of studying and playing video games he finally decides to make an approach to craft what he considers to be his favorite styled beats for relaxation and focus flow. Living 10 years of his life in Mexico, Sky spent most of his time thinking, learning and playing video games, every summer he would come to the US and work in landscaping, once he turned 18, he decided to come live on his own, where he then worked in painting, plumbing and construction all in a short period of time, things were great but he just didn’t seem happy with what he was doing, luckily he found his true passion for music. Why the name Sky? If any of those past jobs had something in common was the bright sunlight that would constantly hit his face, he would look and admire the beautiful “sky” on those sunny summer days. Always loved music, and listened to Lofi while studying and playing video games, decided to create Sky’s own beats.

i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew