Come With Me

Summarae (pronounced SummerRay)is a R&B singer/songwriter and poet born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With her distinct sound and deep sexy voice, Summarae delivers with conviction, authenticity and heart felt passion though both song and story. Her lyrics are very relatable and drawn from her own personal experiences, fantasies and feelings.At the age of 19, Summarae initially joined her very first group, The Top Flight Band, with whom she remained active with for the next 5 years, steadily gaining her own stellar “live” performance skill set in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Chitlin’ Circuit, where so many other early pioneers have also primed their raw unadulterated talent. After a stellar run with The Top Flight Band, Summarae united with the Steel City’s own number one tried & true R&B/Funk collective, House of Soul, and was further able to elaborate her deeply-rooted prowess by continuing to perform for and in front of varied high-profile audiences.Summarae also has that natural uncanny ability of being able to reach deep within herself. She continually draws from her own very personal feelings and experiences,which in turn allows her to write thought provoking, heartfelt lyrics about those specific stories in her life. These touching lyrics and unmatched melodies then become part of a creative collaboration. Her smooth and sensual delivery can be heard courtesy of her premiere single, ideally titled “Love Hurts,” with its powerful simplicity and sincerity, aptly telling of the intense pain and emotion that “love” can bring. The combination of Summarae’s voice, coupled with live instrumentation, is reminiscent of that downhome blues vibe. It is truly a musical treat.

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