Don’t Call Me Sir

by Djime

Enter the mesmerizing universe of Djime with their latest sonic revelation, “Don’t Call Me Sir.” Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Seattle, this non-binary trans femme artist brings a fresh blend of Electronic, Electro, House, and Experimental vibes. Djime, a visionary in the realm of experimental electronic music, draws inspiration from a kaleidoscope of genres, creating a captivating sonic experience.

In the heart of their artistic journey, Djime presents “Don’t Call Me Sir,” a track that transcends boundaries with its unconventional edge. As a pioneer in the Seattle music scene, Djime’s avant-garde approach leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul. This track is a testament to their commitment to pushing musical boundaries, offering a unique and unforgettable auditory experience.

Step into Djime’s world, where genres collide, and sonic landscapes unfold. “Don’t Call Me Sir” is not just a song; it’s an exploration of musical artistry that invites you to join Djime on a journey of self-discovery and expression.