Fearful Man

by Aboutmeemo

Mimmo Ripa better known as Aboutmeemo. He is a guitarist, bassist, songwriter, artistic producer, and vocalist. As a teenager, he began teaching bass in Italy, and soon moved on to the guitar to create better melodies. The guitar is like his best friend. A shy, reflective child, he loved the ability of the guitar to take him to new worlds and to express his feelings freely. Once he mastered the instrument, he began to learn to compose lyrics and sing them. He has a strong passion for his original music.

Mimmo showed his talent with several bands in italy. When Mimmo was 15 he tried to improve his talents. He tried to do new things day by day. He played guitar daily and tried to create new melodies. He wrote the music and arrangements for the song “Vibrations” a tribute to the magic of music in his life. He was able to write his songs in English. After a while, he wanted to move to a new place and was drawn to Ireland. The rain and gloomy climate of his chosen homeland match his artistry. Nowadays this soulful artist Aboutmeemo is a member of the songwriter’s division of Merf of Nashville.

Aboutmeemo has released his latest Rock song called “Fearful man”. If tell in shortly, Fearful man is subjective of someone admitting to himself his vulnerabilities and weakness shouting loud it’s manly to realize some challenges cannot be overcome and that’s ok, we are humans. His strong vocals and realistic songwriting give him a strong platform to grow his followers. He focuses on honesty, a true balance between technology and equipment, and a fearless expression of acceptance of diversity. Mimmo’s commitment and motivation shine through with every note. It is clear to any listener that he is brilliant and does the work he intends to do.