Gimme That

by Yarez

Yarez is truly one of those singers who unwaveringly never put a foot wrong when it comes to top-notch releases packed with punch and flair. This proficient afro Colombian singer’s latest single ‘Gimme That’ in preparation for his next album is no exception. ‘Gimme That’ is an upbeat reggae fusion track with soca and dance-pop elements heavily decorated with Yarez’s energetic vocals. This is a refined step forward for Yarez that allows him to expand his range of genres while improving those he already flourishes in. More eminently, ‘Gimme That’ is a song that keeps consistent energy, while Yarez’s cheerful vocals easily flow over the varied production. It is very much a dancehall song, with fiery and sparkling lyrics and a catchy hook that will stick in your head for days. The bouncy beat, layered vocals and synth make ‘Gimme That’ an undeniably infectious song. Vocally, Yarez sounds like a masterful singer, especially when his upper register contrasts with his lower and middle register. Further, the melody showcases an excellent rhythmic approach throughout the song. The verses, in particular, are quick, with a reggae fusion approach. Moreover, Yarez’s voice carries a tone that matches the music with slick confidence. Overall, ‘Gimme That’ is an impressive bouncy track that will instantly energise listeners. The infectious beat and uplifting lyrics all make it an intense contender for the song. This song just gets better with every listen, and gives listeners a much-needed boost of energy particularly in dull situations.