I Spoke To The Devil About You

by Stuart Pearson

I Spoke To The Devil About You from Stuart Pearson, is a next level Americana, Dark Americana and Gothic Country song with an extremely cool melody. Stuart said, ” ‘I Spoke To The Devil About You’ is a dark story that hopefully never happens to any of us. I’m from New York and have been writing songs since I was seven, when dealing with childhood epilepsy and an out of tune piano. We would spend summers on my grandfather’s farm in Wisconsin and listen to the music the 1960’s Midwest would listen to; Johnny Cash, Bobby Gentry, Charlie Rich. Music that sounded rusty and full of weeds. When NY’s punk scene blossomed, I absorbed the NY Dolls, Television, the Ramones and ultimately the Velvet Underground. . By 1995, my band Through the Woods was voted Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters. We were a five-piece band that would use 19 instruments on stage – things like bicycle wheels, bowed guitars, tuba, glockenspiel, hurdy gurdy, squeezebox, banjo, hubcaps, sax, clarinet and on and on. We were playing what is now called “Dark Americana”. In 2005 I started performing solo around Los Angeles, using a Slinky, a cymbal-playing toy monkey, remote controlled toys, accordion, hurdy gurdy and many plastic things to cover hip hop and metal songs. I ended up performing on the Taste of Chaos and Warped tours. In 2020 I released “Dark Americana: Stories and Songs” with the help of the good people at Hollywood Trax and Manhattan Production Music. It’s a collection of sepia-toned, dog-eared vistas of America’s struggles with sin and redemption. It’s part Andrew Wyeth and part Edward Hopper that jumps cobwebbed eras from the 1860’s to the 1960’s. The follow up, “Dark Americana 2: Mohave” is set for release in October 2021.”

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Stuart Pearson

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