I Wanna Get Closer

by DJ Chart

St. Gallen’s musical virtuoso, DJ Chart, also known as Ivan Herb, unveils “I Wanna Get Closer,” a tantalizing blend of House, Pop, Latin, and EDM. This track is not just a glimpse into DJ Chart’s expansive musical palette; it’s a celebration of his decade-long journey marked by chart-topping hits.

Born in Switzerland, DJ Chart’s “I Wanna Get Closer” is a testament to his ability to seamlessly fuse pulsating rhythms, catchy melodies, and electrifying beats. As part of his “Greatest Hits” album, this track encapsulates the diversity of his musical genius, a journey that transcends boundaries and genres.

With collaborations featuring music greats like Loona and Captain Jack, DJ Chart’s success lies in his ability to blend commercial appeal with experimental elements. “I Wanna Get Closer” invites listeners to join DJ Chart on a musical odyssey that spans the global charts, celebrating a decade of unparalleled creativity.