Indigo’s Tale/Doomsday Freestyle

by Alien Dami

Alien Dami is a singer, rapper and producer looking to create pure music to touch the listeners’ soul. He is also part of the musician duo, ” Men From Venus” Their newest Indie Rock/ Rap music production, “Indigo’s Tale/Doomsday” seemed like a great jumping-off point. Eminently there are just so many layers to this song, which may come out catchy, if not somewhat peaceful to the listeners.

When we dive deeper into the literal “Indigo’s Tale/Doomsday”, having an indie rock-based, a rap song with one of the best electronic acts out there makes the melody and beat so damn tuneful from the first listen. The smooth heaviness and serenity behind the beat just make it directly sensational, earworm excellent music.

The lyrics just up that enjoyment, though they do conceal something deeper (as much promising music always does). Alien Dami makes the listeners feel a specific way, particularly the vibe delivered with the lyrics is one thing that keeps me attached to the song. However, there is nothing else I can say about the trippy relieving sound that the artist champions through this evolved conception.

“Is it the light that we will find that will make everything feel the way
Now my soul will soon escape cuz it’s been looking for a new place that I will never know…
Winter, are you here to freeze away my soul?”
“And you never see what I have to be… What I meant to be… it’s my destiny… To be the best of me…”

This song surely is gonna be one of the greatest, indie rock tracks anyone knows if they have a great music taste. If you have not listened to this incredible indie rock track, “Indigo’s Tale/Doomsday” by Alien Dami, I highly recommend you to listen to it, your life is missing some great music.