Korkulara Karma

by Milha

Korkulara Karma from Milha, is a next level Electronic Trip-Hop song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Turkey is fast becoming a hotbed of musical diversity that is broadening the electronic musical landscape. One such duo is Milha (The Queen’s Town), bringing a whole new twist to the Trip Hop game with a sumptuous sound that has come to the attention of an ever-growing global audience. Consisting of Ecem İlhan and Deniz Kabu, they both followed their musical dreams separately before releasing their debut track ‘Like Me’ to critical acclaim. With vocals that weave magnificently around laidback sumptuous beats, Ecem has been singing her story for over a decade before teaming up with Deniz and adding her mystical and inspiring lyrics to his laid back grooves. That pedigree ensures that as two become one, their music is easily able to navigate the deep and meaningful brilliance of Trip Hop. Dripping with exotic beats, spaced-out synths, and those vocals that reach into your very soul, Milha are a duo that are breathing new life into the musical landscape. That happiness is our reward as it is the gift that continues to grow as Milha releases more music. Take a journey into Turkish Trip Hop and find a whole new world of discovery.