Legends of the Underside

by Ultra_eko and Darealmrlee

Embark on a metaphysical journey with “Legends of the Underside,” a visionary musical feature brought to life by hip-hop maestros Ultra_eko and DaRealMrLee. This award-winning collaboration weaves an absurd tale, introducing a supernatural penguin and a senile pensioner who join forces to combat the demonic materialist—the Outsider Artist—within the subtle realm of reality known as the Underside.

As the beats unfold, “Legends of the Underside” transcends the traditional boundaries of music, transforming into a visual and auditory masterpiece. Ultra_eko and DaRealMrLee take you on a surreal ride, where hip-hop becomes the narrative thread stitching together this otherworldly story. Step into a realm where reality blurs, and the Underside emerges as the canvas for a unique and unforgettable musical experience.


Ultra_eko and Darealmrlee