Lift Me Up

by Smilee

Lift me up’ (candlelight remix) is by the attractive and talented Smilee who is a singer and also a songwriter from the UK. From a very young age, she had a passion for dancing and singing and later on, it made her to devote her entire life to singing at live shows and continue. Consequently this led her to be recognized by one of the most popular music managers Denis Ingoldsby who is also known for artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash. The track “lift me up remix” by this talented lady has come out in the dance music remix genre which is indeed captivating. The vocals added to the melody are unique as well as pleasing as usual. Thus, Smilee’s voice adds more perfection and extra beauty for the song.

The track is more addictive with the catchy dance remix. It adds a more rhythmical beat to the song allowing the listeners to enjoy the song from the start to the end. We also can hear the interesting sound designs running within the track. Consequently, these sound designs have successfully layered onto a relentless beat. Furthermore, the song keeps better with the repetition of the words ‘lift me up’ and its blended beat.

The story line and the words included are meaningful to the extent and they blend magically with the captivating tempos. This brilliant and the excellent songwriting elevates each vocal line throughout the song. Moreover, the unique structure of the song also adds more elegance to the song. Thus, the melodic progression, unique and stunning vocal patterns and the perfect remix style blends together and create a beautiful piece of work.