Like Water


LUNA SOUL, the dynamic music collective, strikes the perfect balance between Funk and Pop in their latest creation, “Like Water.” Anchored by Lisa Michèle Lietz’s mesmerizing ukulele melodies and vocals, and Jordi Arnau Rubio’s electric guitar wizardry, the duo forms the heart of LUNA SOUL. They’re not alone, though; their live performances come to life with a talented ensemble featuring Luis Arco Fernandéz on bass, Sönke Brockmann on drums, and Joelle Lucía Balan on keys and backing vocals.

“Like Water” is an entrancing track that seamlessly blends Funk and Pop elements, showcasing the collective’s musical prowess and flair for crafting catchy, soulful tunes. The song’s live recording captures the raw energy and passion of their performances, transporting listeners to the heart of LUNA SOUL’s unique sound.

This release is a testament to the collective’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of their craft, and their unwavering passion for creating vibrant, emotive music. “Like Water” flows effortlessly, like a musical stream that refreshes the senses and nourishes the soul.



i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew