Losing My Mind

by Chris Padin Ft Georgia Rose

Chris Padin is a Music Producer/DJ from New York. The artist has advanced into creating his own sounds and tracks while focusing on building a unique approach to dance music. Chris loves to bend the rules and mix aspects of different genres into his own unique vibe. With over half a million music streams across all media platforms, Chris Padin has connected with thousands of people that love music as much as he does. The Electronic Dance Music he creates spans from House, Deep House, Future Bass, and Trap. His home studio is his main place of production. The artist stays on top of the EDM dance world and continues to broaden his sounds and approach to music. Chris Padin is back with a new song after two of his previous releases ‘Hold Me Closer’ and ‘Alpha’ have garnered over half a million streams together on Spotify.

For this time he teamed up with Georgia Rose to create ‘Losing My Mind’, a fresh new song with beautiful vocals and song-producing arrangement. It’s exciting and energetic and has just enough of a smattering of deep delivery and vocals to convert dull moments into vibrant happening. There’s something about listening to Chris Padin that gets the listeners in the feels, and hearing his latest single is no exception. Moreover, ‘Losing My Mind’ is a bit more playful than a lot of Chris Padin’s other work. This track comes across as a journey that starts in an energetic way and ends in jubilation with a continual pulsing beat and a recurring melodious hook. “Losing My Mind” features an earworm of a synth melody that seems to escalate each time you listen to it. This well produced track with its energetic vibe certainly should have no trouble finding success both on the radio and on the festival circuit. With this new release, It is certain that Chris Padin is definitely one of the hottest producers with huge talent and great ideas. Overall, “Losing My Mind” finishes to leave you with a feeling of ecstasy. Chris Padin seems to have a mastery for that.