Step into the spotlight with DJ Chart’s latest release, “Moviestar.” Hailing from the creative hub of St. Gallen, Switzerland, DJ Chart, also known as Ivan Herb, has unleashed a dazzling pop sensation that transcends musical boundaries.

With a diverse catalog boasting 350 tracks, DJ Chart’s musical journey spans from commercial beats to avant-garde experiments. From Dance and EDM to Latin-House and 80s-inspired tunes, his sonic palette knows no bounds.

This Swiss maestro, once a hairstylist and photographer, now emerges as a cinematic force in the “Moviestar” music video, taking on the lead role with charismatic flair. It’s a departure from his usual behind-the-scenes role, offering fans a glimpse into his multifaceted creativity.

Embark on a musical odyssey as “Moviestar” lights up the charts, showcasing DJ Chart’s prowess in weaving a tapestry of genres. Let the beats roll and the star within you shine!