New York Dream

by The Pirate

New York Dream from The Pirate, is a next level surf rock, psychedelic rock, indie rock, instrumental, latin song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. The Pirate is based in New York City, USA. Pirate recently escaped the dictatorship in Nicaragua by speaking out about the atrocities he witnessed by the hands of the government. He wrote a song, insurrection and that put a target on his back. He fled by foot to the US border and was detained. They eventually allowed him over the border because he stood out from the 1000s of other immigrants trying to do the same thing, find freedom. He is one of the lucky ones, and the US government granted him asylum. His story is inspiring to remind us that we are almost all immigrants, and he is beyond grateful to be here in New York City. It’s a New York Dream.