by The Pirate

Rolling undeniably this is a masterpiece of first-rate music. The artist’s performance is unbelievably matchless and the listeners will find the gravity of his talents when listening to this song. The Pirate is based in New York City. Rolling is about reminding people to try to relax and enjoy life during these difficult times. Alessandro Lopez Soza (born April 15, 1984), known professionally as The Pirate (also known as El Pirata or The Pirate NYC), is a Nicaraguan singer, songwriter and actor. Musically, The Pirate’s music has been described as urban latin, rumba and reggaeton. He also incorporates other genres such as rumba-flamenco, dancehall, electronic and reggae. He is also known for his striking fashion style. Best known for his Rumba-Reggae style, The Pirate, (also known as El Pirata or The Pirate NYC), has traveled to different countries around the world sharing his music as an independent artist. London, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain and several Latin American countries to name a few. He shared the stage with many international artists at festivals and on television programs. In 2014 he recorded his first international album in Barcelona titled “Black Feet,” in honor of the gypsy culture of the world. He lived 11 years in Milan, Italy where he fused his Latin-reggae music with flamenco and electronic music. He then returned to Nicaragua to follow his dream of winning his first Latin Grammy. He escaped the dictatorship of his country, and found a new home and asylum in New York City. It is there where he became inspired by pop, electronic and American rap music. GUM Records (a new division of GUM Studios) signed The Pirate in 2021.