Strange Black Teeth

Strange Black Teeth from Justin Mohn, is a next level Rock song with an extremely cool melody.
Justin Mohn is a 29 year old author and musician of 6 books and 4 music albums with an unbelievable life story. As an influential creator, cults have worshipped Justin as God and the Messiah – Justin has been stalked and obsessed over so much that it has led to two lawsuits and many interactions with the police and FBI. These lawsuits and interactions with law enforcement led to accusations against ex-Governors John Hickenlooper and John Kasich which forced them to end their unity presidential bid in 2020 and drop out of the presidential race, thus making Justin Mohn the most politically influential artist of the 21st century so far. Justin Mohn came from no wealth with college loan debt, but has left a legacy the history books will record yet the mainstream media purposely hides.

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