Suavecito Mami

by The Pirate

“Suavecito Mami” is the latest release of Pirates. Today it is a very interesting song and it will be popular soon. It brings out the addictive lyrics. The opening play of the song is very catchy. Definitely a creative and amazing concept. The pirate sings this song in Spanish. The whole part has a polished touch, and it flows with mixed energy and instant familiarity. The melody is perfect, energetic and catchy. This is a dance track.This piece of music is enjoyable and we can have fun listening to this song.

Everybody knows the king of the rumba in New York city. Alessandro Lopez Soza is professionally known as The Pirate was born april 15 in 1984. Some people call him EI Pirata or The Pirate NYC. And also he is a Nicaraguan singer, songwriter as well as talented actor. Musically, his music is described as urban, Latin, Ramba and reggaeton. He also includes other genres such as Rumba-Flamenco, Dancehole, Electronics and Reggae. He is also known for his glamorous style. Not only that, but he is also more famous for his Rumba-Reggae style. He has traveled to various countries to share his music as an independent artist.

He is half Maya and half Italian. He is new to North America and has come here to represent Latin culture in New York City. He represents Latin music in North America and around the world. He is proud to be in New York City, where he drew inspiration from pop, electronic and American rap music. And the great thing is that Gum Records will sign The Pirate in 2021.

The pirate is the king of Rumba in New York City. We should appreciate his creation as he is a popular talent in the music industry. He is one of the most talented artists in New York. You can listen to his music through Spotify and youtube.