by Kenajee

TELL ME from Kenajee, is a next level Christian trap, alternative song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Kevon Najee Turner, also known as La Phoenix or Kenajee, is an influential artist from Stratford CT. He said, “I’m a Christian artist coming from making songs that weren’t myself, I have been making music for 5-6 years now and have been independent. I just want to make music that inspires others and is relatable to people like me. I started from making poems in my spare time which eventually transformed into making rhymes and music once I lost my moms. From there I took music as a hobby or so and would record after getting high with some school friends. In my eyes my music wasn’t hitting right and it wasn’t from the heart, I was spitting nothing but fantasies and dreams. Drug use wouldn’t be an inspiration to my music but my lifestyle and backstory has a lot of lead. I get inspired now from God and the past I was going through to get to where I am now.”

i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew