Thru Da Speakers

Thru Da Speakers

“Thru Da Speakers” by “Hazmat!” is a fantastic track. The recording radiates instant warmth, making things more enjoyable as the track progresses. “Hazmat!” offers the strength of melody and vocal performance, a hip hop-music-inspired backdrop and structure, a subtle and stylish hint of Trap/ Dark trap, and a striking and memorable concept and storyline.


Hazmat! started as a dancer, leading to his making his beats. He also learned how to rap by trying to freestyle over his beats. A rapper-turned-dancer with a dance background, Hazmat!’s style involves mixing op culture with real life by mixing complex, funky-sounding beats with some snares and drills that get the listener grooving and dancing; Most of the hits he produced himself.


The music around these thoughts constantly reflects and reinforces the feelings they give you as you listen and consider them. Furthermore, the outer or middle is simply stunning, completely unexpected but beautifully sharp, exciting and powerful. From the brilliance and authenticity of the artist’s production to the line itself, the explosive growth of the instrumentation, and the increasing intensity leading up to that final big moment, the whole thing is quickly addictive.


The music changes throughout the song, adding an extraordinary sense of mystery. The recording carries you along like a wind with just enough light to carry. The journey is unpredictable – sometimes it seems like it might end, then explodes back into some emotionally evocative moments.


The instrumental on this song is excellent, an exciting alternative sound, more superficial than ever, but it feels so much more – the recording has a distinct vintage vibe; The song initially strikes as long lost, but as things develop, the mood changes, the imagery shifts up a notch for that alternate key, everything seems brand new.


It’s a sensational track with an excellent video that’s well-crafted and accessible to all, with just enough interludes and unexpected artistry edges to make it unique. The last few moments make for an incredible audio experience, but it only makes the most impact when listened to in its entirety.


Undoubtedly, the artist has excellent sound and fantastic talent. The flawless production also brought out every moment of brilliance and splendor within the walls of the song. Looking forward to more to come from “Hazmat!”.


Thru Da Speakers