Till The Day I Die

by Faith Crusader

Till The Day I Die from Faith Crusader, is a next level Christian song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Faith Crusader is based in Aurora, Colorado. Influenced by the likes of icons of music, such as Metallica and Sam Cooke, growing multi-genre artist Faith Crusader is driven to inspire masses through his rich musical compositions. Rooted within the themes of honesty, originality and uniqueness, the artist intends to know who he is, no matter where he is in life, staying true to himself and what his music stands for. With his varied musical brilliance, Faith Crusader aims to weave together a myriad of life experiences and snapshots of his life seamlessly into song and music, as he approaches 50.
He said, “The lyrics to this song say everything. After a marriage of 20 years fell to pieces, and I was left alone in this world, I felt like a waste of a man, worthless to anyone and everyone. Mrs. Faith saw me and noticed that someone had thrown away a perfectly good man. She reminded me who I was and I never looked back. Her own story comes right from a Stephen King novel, as she immigrated alone to America and faced every hardship you could imagine and some you can’t. This song tells the story of us and how we have stayed together these past 6+ years.”

i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew