by OhDzmd

Today undeniably this is a masterpiece of first-rate music. The artist’s performance is unbelievably matchless and the listeners will find the gravity of his talents when listening to this song. OhDzmd is based in Chicago, USA. The hottest new rapper coming out of Chicago Illinois, OhDzmd (pronounced Oh-Dez-Mund) is an up-and-coming artist that is gaining traction faster than ever. Still, in his early 20s, the rapper has been releasing songs and videos while still unsigned and without management. Regardless, he is paving a path of his own and simultaneously gaining thousands of new fans every week. Honk magazine states, “a master class of artistry,” and “everything musically being on point” in reference to music by OhDzmd. Major Spotify playlist curators with followings over 1,000,000 such as Desired Music, Syrius, and hades_DJ have added music by OhDzmd to their collections. With these large audiences of rap fans worldwide, it is only a matter of time before OhDzmd is sitting on the throne of rap music.