by Kedric Slayer

As is often the case with songwriter Kedrick Slayer’s music, “WHEN I LEAVE” Opens with a beautiful, crisp and stunning soundtrack that leads to a very creative and striking soundtrack of images and depth. With the beat and vocals, the energy rises and begins to convey the poetic essence of the song.

The musicality of the song is really light but there is a kind of atmosphere that is inflated and hopeful. The music seems to be a bit inspired by the hip hop sound, and a bit influenced by the rap as well – during those synth riffs and rhythms. It’s an unusual kind of song in all of this, but it sounds great, and Kedric Slayer’s voice is smooth – just a few of those characters show his voice, making it recognizable and easy Listen to the right path. It all fits in well with the walls of the runway.

‘Kedric Slayer’ was born in Houston Texas living in San Diego as a marine, producer, singer, rapper, songwriter, instrumentalist, and musician. He is coming from the roots of rock-n-roll, metal, and hip hop, raised by a musical family through many struggles.

The most addictive thing on this track, as mentioned, is that hook – it’s not just the words and melody, it’s the rhythm of the line, the variation of the following and, of course, the verse that supports it – these alternate parts are the most effective soft. And offers a calming change. There is hope for the music as well as the lyrics and the artist’s voice is perfect for this kind of expression.

The fresh energy of the music, the riffs and melody, the uplifting nature of the soundtrack as a whole, and the artist’s voice, its calm confidence and sense of vivid character, The more you play it, the better the feeling. Then when you focus on the lyrics, the whole thing becomes brighter; It is something meaningful, valuable and important now.

The sweet moments in the song are extremely effective and make building those bigger, more energetic parts even more exciting. The hooks combine simple vocal progression and a similarly simple but instant memorable melody. The track is built in such a way that it really brings out the best in those big moments, still highlighting quieter, more reflective moments with equal power.

Kedric Slayer

Kedric Slayer

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