Wouldn’t Be Here

by Ivoschi

Wouldn’t Be Here from Ivoschi, is a next level Tech House song with an extremely cool melody.
ivoschi is a Berlin-based music lover with a deep heart for beats, bass and acid. Admiring deep electro and hip hop sounds thought his entire life, he started to produce music a couple of years ago to discover the world of Hertz and harmonies.
He said, “Listening to music since I was a toddler, I was enthusiastic about it. It developed so much throughout the years, from first drops of electro and hip hop in early days (e.g. Kraftwerk or Africa Bambaataa) to nowadays master works (e.g. from Stephan Bodzin or Dr. Dre).Although today technology makes it easy to produce any music with a common computer and the internet, it is still an interesting & worthwhile journey to travel. Let’s hit the road!”