Beauty and the Beast

by LT Turner Jr

LT Turner Jr contributed a piece of music that was already catchy and popular enough to make waves. “Beauty and the Beast”, a blend of acoustic, instrumental, cinematic and ambient, provides a fully immersive experience – one with an exhilarating experience of spirit and purity. It’s a brilliant take on a traditional feature that reveals the talent and emotion of an artist with an undeniable connection to the music he creates.

LT Turner Jr is a Music Artist (Singer, Pianist, Arranger, Conductor, & Recording Artist) who loves bringing inspiration, encouragement, and positive reinforcement to others through his music. When he was growing up, music was a huge part of his life.

LT Turner Jr’s latest song is his all-time favorite fairy tale. “Beauty and the Beast” is an admirably stripped-back piece of music; It takes the acoustics and LT Turner Jr’s own emotional meandering skills to bring out the inner strength of the song and the artist.

“Beauty and the Beast” is a gentle flowing, loving new craft with a simple soundtrack and an even simpler but pleasant, memorable and genuinely heartfelt hook. Beneath this, a soft instrumental produces a vaguely familiar – and a little more inspired – rhythm, an organic loop that envelopes the listener.

This is amazing and a pleasure to listen to multiple times. It’s always exciting to find musicians who create sophisticated instruments while having the ability and drive to craft it from raw, organic basics when necessary. LT Turner Jr is a true artist in every sense of the word. I am interested to hear more.