by KayKay

KayKay’s “DRAMA” comes as a melodic meeting of rap and hip hop. The lyrics provide a detailed account of the experiences that led to the concept and storytelling. There’s a lot of lyricism, and the lyrics have a hip-hop length to them, but this echoing melody used to convey it adds some alternative edge to the track.


KayKay is a 19 years old young artist from colorado. He makes music in his dorm room for fun. But his creativity is amazing. “KayKay” is a talented and interesting artist. This unique energy and musicality speak volumes for his artistry and is expected to evolve into a few more releases or a longer project embracing audiences


The backing track again showcases a structurally thoughtful piece of music that combines the thickness of a soft hip-hop beat with the electric energy of a wave of synth-driven riffs. The opening few bars of music, and indeed the last few moments, reiterate the masterful use of structure within the production. However, the lead artist’s vocal performance in the mix is ​​the primary driving force behind the song and its emotion, and this is what you’re likely to take away from the experience after listening.


Musically the track is awesome, starting with the simplicity of a riff, an energetic beat and a smooth and amazing lead vocal performance. it is a free-flowing, effortless vocal style, a soulful serenity. As far as lead vocals go, the sound is undeniably pure and real – the song comes from a place of experience and consideration and you can tell this.


There is certainly a further sense of character and individuality to the performance. Elsewhere in KayKay’s releases, this same thread of individuality continues to show – “DRAMA” being a strong example. The insane fusion of these vocal parts is what you’d expect from the musician and songwriter. The lyrics follow a definite path that proves to be an enduring feature of his work.


The perfect combination of a solid release with plenty of personality and still a proper nod to the original essence and style of the song. Worth a listen – make it loud.

i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew