Bonnie x Clyde x T-IS-DEAD

by YungDior

YungDior Francisco Forester II was born in Chico California. He grew up overcoming many obstacles at an early age. And also At the age of 14, he underwent a dark concussion to marvel at music filming. YungDior loved music when he was a child. He was crazy about it. Yungdior tried to develop his Music continued to do. He plans to take the world by storm in 2024, teaching himself how to play musical instruments and making music. Yungdior Dark style ability to switch genres is very unique.

YungDior is a talented hip hop artist. He has exactly what he needs. He was trying to always discover the best hip hop track. He is a pleasant moment, a good dose of pure music. Because he learnt music teaching by himself. He worked hard for it. On his passion and dedication he has come a long way in his musical journey. Today he is enjoying the results of his hard work in his present condition.

‘Bonnie x Clyde x T-IS-DEAD’, this song is a heart touching song. YungDior made this song for a reason. Moving around alot as a kid inspired by mgk mac Miller xxxtentacion yung blood many obstacles arose growing up but he always found himself motivated to do things with music late 2018 2019. he lost two of his friends due to suicide and a car accident. he wanted to make it for them and explain how they wanted to make it with his. This song is a one minute and twenty three second track. This track has gentle vibes. And also YungDior sings this song with a painful voice.

YungDior proves two points here, He prepares for publicity and there is no limit to his creativity. He will make a brand in the near future showing his talents in hip hop music. You can also listen to his music on Spotify.