by YungDior

Going by YungDior Francisco Forester II was born in Redbluff CA growing up overcoming many obstacles at an early age moving around a lot and a combination of misfortune. Yungdior born in California started at age 14 with a dark vibe for music shooting to be amazing -LLM. YoungDiors development for music grew consistently teaching himself how to play instruments and make music he plans on taking the world by storm in 2024 YungDior Dark style ability to switch genres is very unique.

Amazingly, YungDior shocked the world by releasing a brand-new single, “Novicane.” “Novicane” is written by Francisco M Forester. Focusing on production, “Novicane” advantages from its sickness behind the boards. The beat goes smoothly yet strong, while the gutsy production puts in some taste to the track. This taste is accurate energy for this, as YungDior drops tricky rhymes, confirming the artist’s proficient, favoured flow. Diving more detailed to “Novicane,” the two most memorable sections of the record are the chorus, and the whole composition showcases a great mastery. After exhibiting smashing rap capacity on the verses and chorus, YungDior displays even more lyrical expertise on the chorus.

Overall, this track is killer, though YungDior also gives rise to a lot of excitement on the verses. Once more, YungDior comes back strong with “Novicane.” What makes this track huge? Excellent exposition, exceptional rhymes, and maybe above all, the trophy that is YungDior. YungDior’s piercing, mic-dropping end to this track restates his significance to the contemporary rap game. However, Rap or hip-hop may not be your normal flavour in music, but with its captivating and relatable storyline, Novicane is a song anyone will relish.