by Longstocking

Get ready for hardcore dancing with this House, Techno, Breakbeat track “Longstocking” by Longstocking.

Denni Longstocking Kindred plays Longstocking, an American non-binary musician, electronic dance music producer, DJ and singer. Her first song, ‘Pleasure Ford’ released in 2020, peaked at number one on Deep House on Beatport. Since then, all of her releases have been featured in Beatport Top 10 charts, via Poem placements.

working as a DJ, he was inspired by many artists and hundreds of records that he played. With this experience, Longstocking started to produce her own music. Longstocking’s music is a unique combination of new and old school Electro Funk elements, Breakbeats, Techno, House and melodic sounds. She also uses a vocoder for her distinctive musical style.

Compersion is a musical track created especially for beak dancers with distinctive and robust beats and synths. The combination of Breakbeat, House, and Techno creates a unique music style that pleases both old and new generations. This track is a perfect choice for an energy boost when you feel not good.

The playlist goes six minutes and forty seconds with a different identity and fascinating warmth. It elegantly blends parts of nostalgic philosophy and the now-apparent power of grit and transparency in the mix. That is, the playlist has riffs, attributes, and features that you can quickly discover – but most of all, it offers amazing salvation that quickly overwhelms and increases volume.

A summer-ready mix that can be happily immersed in a carnival or live-action, the dance and soulful songs are beautifully constructed and colourful enough to truly bring the world together. Hard but hot bass and synths flow through a very aggressive but minimalist mix, with a few subtleties and creative product features to provide a sense of suspicion building. The embrace of nostalgia and the newly created escape come together to produce beautiful consequences.