Tayvon Johnson, also known as Black I.C.E., is a 27 years old soulful singer at Seaford Delaware. He began singing in church choirs and later played music with his father in his gospel quartet groups. As he grew older he found his place in RnB Neo / Soul and began singing as a solo artist.

Not only does he sing, he is also a rapper and his music is extremely versatile, with some of his influences being Michael Jackson, Music Soulchild, Chris Brown, Neo, John Legend, Drek and a few others on the rap side. Tayvon has launched its own line of shoes, partnering with an Italian company, trying to create his vision and hope to convince others that “you can truly achieve anything you want anywhere in life.

You can do nothing but go up and succeed. He will soon share his life story with you. He has worked with many artists and the most talented producers in the industry, for example Willie B, Kato On The Track, Yuki Takashi, Diggy Downs, BLACK I.C.E. He is the CEO of NRG Records in Delaware / Philadelphia and is working to make a big difference in the way you get good music.

INTERCHANGEABLEENERGY is a less than two minutes wonderful track. He explained some special things. The message he wants to convey to readers is, Dreamer, keep dreaming. There are many people out there who wish you could do what you want to do as a dreamer and often do. So they will come from their own level of hatred and jealousy over the fact that you are dreaming. So keep dreaming and go to that step. Because as long as you travel you will get to where you need to go. Sir Isaac Newton’s law states that anything that moves is moving and anything that exists is at rest. So, if you are not moving, how do you expect to go somewhere, if you are traveling, how do you not expect to go where you want to go?

So invite you to listen to this song and follow Black I.C.E. on spotify.