Dear Twimc

by S.m.S

S.m.S. is an artist who is an escaped alien from area 51. He keeps his identity hidden because of not want people to know who he really is until he is completely ready, and is looking to make an impact on the world with his ardent music. His music speaks great volumes and contains really powerful rhythm and lyrics. He intends to inspire people to stand against those who bring negativity to this world, and to let the people know that they are not alone in this world full of hatred.

S.m.S. ‘s incredible mastery to blend in with just any colour of rap is his calling card, for better or worse. The ability to get in where you fit in is effective for versatility. However, there is always the threat of the music coming to be indistinct. At its finest, like on his previous single “In Mental Fitness,” the artist’s vocal capacity makes the song glow with a surprising power. When S.m.S.’s attitude and versatility work at his fullest, it is easy for the listeners to see why he is one of the most proficient rappers in the industry.

Overall, “Dear Twimc”, with its great production, wordings and the artist’s obligation on the rapping separates it from some of his minor tracks in his playlist. For the listeners, “Dear Twimc” would surely be a remarkable musical expedition. Over powerful beats and drums that play amazingly, S.m.S. lays his vocals through the song sounding like he is rapping behind a concave border. The stories he recites here are not simply his own. The artist empathises with the listeners in a ravishing way. “Dear Twimc”, is one of S.m.S.’s most creative and unique productions that evoke extremely restorative thoughts.