The Leviathan

by Direlands


If you’re looking to listen to heavy metal music or you are a heavy metal music lover, you will definitely love “The Leviathan” by ‘DIRELANDS’. this is the best way to stressed out and turn to heavy metal of relieving that stress. Not only that, Heavy metal music is more than enjoyable, perhaps the average pop song.

“The Leviathan” is a motion comic and lyrical song. This one is cool and fun to watch. This vocal, guitar sound and drums sound combination is perfect and ‘DIRELANDS’ take on old school cartoons and fantasy influences to create this creation. We can enjoy listening to this song. It has a killer beat and probably your stress will be lost. This heavier sound will make us crazy. As well as the vocal tone is powerful. Perfect match for his heavier sounds.

Heavy metal people connect with each other and give many people a sense of existence. Although people consider rock music to be the devil’s music, the story is not so simple, although it has been suggested that this music may have adverse effects, such as aggression. Heavy metal music has long been blamed for violence and hostility, but fans can actually enjoy listening to it. Heavy metal music, more arguably than any other genre, has a reputation for having an impact on the behavior and mental health of its listeners.

‘DIRELANDS’ is a popular American heavy metal band who comes from Houston, Texas. The band has four members. They are JD, Troy, Gerek and Dan. JD / Jarett Dureell is lead singer in the band. He writes songs for the band. He is a talented and creative song writer. He can inspire heavy metal music lovers through his voice. Troy Binegar is a lead guitarist. Gerek Reid is a bassist. He is a musician. Also he is a writer. And finally Dan Thompson is a drummer in the band.

Inspired by classical metal, occultism, intrigue, and an existing dystopian worldview,they create revealing songs that break the riffs with aggressive, rising harmony and thunderous melody. They love heavy metal and they like to make music that headbangers can jam out to!

i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew