Her Number

by Kevynn Hudsonn

Kevynn Hudsonn is a talented rising star who loves Alternative RnB, indie pop, Pop, synth-pop, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock. Reggae fusion,electro-pop . Indie RnB. Currently, he lives in Brooklyn, New York, US.

Kevynn Hudsonn enters the pop music stage on his own terms and with his own unique approach to the whole concept of musical genres. He is a musical shapeshifter that pulls in elements of Pop, Alternative RnB, Hip Hop, Alt Rock, Reggae and synth influences into his ever-expanding orbit of creativity. His signature delivery style is delicate, distinctive and authentic with an uncanny knack for creating melody-driven, well crafted, cinematic pop gems with catchy hooks, vivid storylines and a sprinkle of controversy.

Kevyn is sure to start and further many conversations In modern pop music a move that would put him in a natural position of becoming an iconic and relevant figure in the evolution Of pop culture, his enigmatic personality will only accentuate this reality. The New York City-based artist came of age in the Caribbean melting pot of Brooklyn where the influences of island music and culture are unmistakable. Kevynn’s curiosity didn’t just stop there as he instinctively embraced a wide and diverse range of artistic influences such as David Bowie, Joy Division, Neil Diamond, Sam Cooke, Jimi Hendrix, Axl Rose, Peter Tosh, Biggie Smalls and even the Glass animals.

His new single titled “Her number” is gaining rapid momentum and exposure as TikTok videos using its sounds has gained over 2 million views and counting so far. Kevynn predicts “it’s gonna be a monster hit “the song does feel and sounds different with dreamy vibes and synth Melodies. He shouldn’t be doubted.

Above the music, Kevynn Hudsonn’s voice is full of personality, his tone, backward delivery style and even his desire to act and write words. “Her Number” is an infallible record that is fresh and raw, uncompromising, honest, talented and running. It is a visually appealing ensemble with polished visuals and plenty of attitudes. Since “her number” is clearly done, it should take a long time to create and organize only verbal exercises. It was fascinating, also his audience will be addicted to this.

Kevynn Hudsonn

Kevynn Hudsonn