Peace Sign

by Sunburnt Sky

Coming from southern Utah, Sunburnt Sky is a musical composition by Mike “Seels” who combines sun-drenched reggae vibes with alternative indie rock. Growing up on the soundtracks of bands such as U2, INXS, and Radiohead in San Diego, Alternative Rock laid the foundation for the Seels, which recorded four albums between 2011 and 2019. Taking pictures from the pre-influences of Sublime and UB40, Bob Marley planted the seed of Sunburnt Sky, after spending a lot of time in the heavily influenced Dominican Republic. However, Sunburnt Sky was not born until the discovery of recent bands such as Stick Figure, The Movement and Iya Terra. The first album includes the original eleven songs from The Ten Thousand Things (2022) as well as a cover of the popular Empire of the Sun, Walking on Dream.

Sunburnt Sky’s “Peace Sign” is a vibrant and vibrant piece of music and performance that introduces the artist’s voice and creativity in a colorful, striking way. Sunburnt Sky is a well-known, innovative and diverse pop / rap artist. His distinctive voice and storytelling style captured the attention of listeners around the world and quickly transformed many into followers.

The combination of multi-layered, free-flowing music background and Sunburnt Sky’s classic style rap distribution creates something truly unique at this moment.

In this release, Sunburnt Sky’s sense of character is brighter than ever. His performance is exactly that – not just a version, just a word reading – he puts it into that position and works well to ensure you know who he is to bring a level of boldness and original sound and style.

“Sign of Peace” is the only part of the piece of music that interests you. Knowing Sunburnt Sky’s high thinking and reflective writing, this has a good chance of becoming a song that gets your attention. The vocals on this track are sure to amaze you, and the song will inevitably weave into your consciousness in an unforgettable way.

Doing it with fresh hip hop that hits the air once every hour is not easy, but Sunburnt Sky has found a way to achieve it without excessive volume or excess drops.

Sunburnt Sky

Sunburnt Sky