Hey Jude

by Blueprints

“Hey Jude” is a rock song sung by ‘Blueprints’ who comes from stratford CT.
This song is one of the best singles the rock genre has seen in the last few years. The good assortment of drums and electronic guitars and pounding beats. It all mixes into a backdrop that sometimes far exceeds the quality of lyrics of this song. Still, the lyrics of this amazing track holds up a powerful emotion.

As well as ,there are four artists participating to make this creation successfully. They are Blueprint’s,Rammesy,Justin Neafsey and Kevin O’Brien. They worked cooperatively to make this amazing creation. And also everything in this song such as lyrics, beat and etc. quality. Not only that, this power of music is rhythmically and the vocal strength is unbelievable and unique.

Blueprints is an artist who has unique vocal strength. He loves to listen to so many different types of music so this is why his songs he makes are so different.s He has done so many singles and albums such as Home, infinite, choose your ch4r4cter albums and sunset drive single.

Rock fans will be addicted to the “Hey Jude” song, because it has a killer beat. If you wanna enjoy this one, gather around Blueprints.



i.S. the WizARd a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew