Hold Me Back

by Scoob Rock

Fredrik Roudette is professionally known as “SCOOB ROCK” . He is a cosmopolite rapper of mixed ethnic background. He has been addicted to hip-hop since he was 12 years old and he is known for his groovy, row flow and laid-back, melodic rap style. He started out break dancing, after that then began to notice he had the skills necessary to become a rapper.

He recorded his first EP in 1999 and has since released 8 LPs, including his latest album ‘Nowadayyz’ which is available on all streaming platforms. “Scoob Rock” is inspired by hip hop, dancehall and reggae. One of his greatest achievements on the international hip hop scene was supporting legend Afu-Ra on stage in New York. as well as the bulk of his work is rooted in sweden.

‘Hold me back’ is one of his songs. When you listen to this track for the first time definitely you’ll be addicted to it. His voice is amazing and he is gaining attention with his fabulous hip hop style and his hot melodic songs. The song’s beat is superb, clearly combined with lyrics. Not only is his vocal very powerful but also it is felt in our heart. If you like his style or wanna listen to his music , stay with ‘Scoob Rock’.