by Josh Joel

Josh Joel is an up and coming songwriter and singer from Vancouver, Canada who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. Mixing compelling R&B melodies with fresh & soulful Pop tones, Josh Joel strives to entice with his meaningful lyrics embedded in universally relatable ideas. The artist has come up with a new single “VALENTINE” which can be named as a piece of fiery music worth listening to.

The song opens with Josh Joel’s buttery vocals hitting a chord in listeners’ souls with a brief, simple, but sharp lyric. All in all, the song is an extremely promising one on the surface, with amazing transitions in feeling and vocals mated with fine flowing lyrics. However, this track is an even better one when looked at deeper. “Valentine” is a song about wanting more with a girl, but being willing to settle for the surface level just to have some time with her. Further, this song is a mixture of contemporary pop and R&B music. At the beginning of the song, listeners get to hear stunning guitar notes being played. Once Joel’s smooth, warm voice slams the speakers, listeners are automatically left at ease. His vocal stability circles throughout your physique as he hits those precise notes. The song is astounding and everyone should certainly give it a listen. I ensure you will not regret it.