Lose Control

by Aizaz & Markus Martínez

“Aizaz & Markus Martínez” returned this month with a fabulous addition “Lose Control” to their hard-hitting, addictively electronic, experimental, and instrumental-inspired catalog of tracks. More than just a return in fact – the track smashes into action with its heavy emotional line and slick soundscape.


Aizaz is a tech house producer based in Los Angeles and Markus Martinez is based in Mexico. They Joined hands for collaboration on this tech house tune released at NoFace Records. They have both been released on NoFace Records before and that is how they started working together. Aizaz’s style is more classic house whereas Markus focuses on Contemporary Tech House and they decided to go with a fusion of modern and classic on this record.


There’s a depth to this track that feels like it’s in a league of its own. As always, the performance is immaculate, the music builds, builds, breaks, structurally creative and engaging, but amidst all this, there is a definite sense that something new has been achieved. It’s like the artist took an incredible leap into alternative territory without sacrificing anything we loved.


The track definitely has a very raw and organic sound to the recording, which honestly, makes it more accessible and relevant. Among other things, it gives you plenty of room to really soak up that melodic line. The reflective nature of the expressive lines and thoughts has a certain freshness not often heard in modern music.


This music is amazing and will make you dance on your own. It feels and sounds great now, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from listening to a snippet of the song. Aizaz & Markus Martínez, their talents are incredible and they always make the best music for their fans. So stay tuned with Aizaz & Markus Martínez and follow them on Spotify music.



Aizaz & Markus Martínez