5am to UnderWrld

by Mickey


‘Mickey’ is an upcoming artist based in Florida and his latest release ‘’5am to UnderWrld’’ is a Hip hop rap song about a heart broken lover.As a novice artist in the industry ‘Mickey’ has got so much potential as his unique voice and amazing rap skills make the track a hit.


The song revolves around a confession of a heartbroken lover who now feels lost and hopeless because of his breakup.The emotional trauma caused by the separation of the two lovers is conveyed throughout the song.Heartbreaks are tough and people use different ways to cope with the emotional trauma caused by breakups.Most of the times, unfortunately people end up hurting themselves or get addicted to drugs and alcohol as ways to cope the trauma.The song  ‘’5am to UnderWrld’’ also talks about somewhat of a similar thing I mentioned earlier as the heart broken lover is in a state of despair because he feels lost and hopeless beacuse of the breakup.The reason behind their seperation is not obvious, it could either be betrayal or some other reason.However,the song brings out the emotions of a heartbroken lover effectively as Mickey has done a superb job as an upcoming artist.


In a nutshell, the song is a confession of a heartbroken lover and it sets the perfect tone as Mickey’s amazing vocals and rapping skills make the song even more interesting.If you haven’t checked out the song yet, do check it out as fans of hip hop and rap are going to fall in love with this track as the rapping is on fire.