Nights Inna Booth

by Louie XO

Columbus, OH, braces itself for a lyrical storm as Louie XO unleashes “Nights Inna Booth,” a gritty hip-hop saga that immerses you in the essence of his journey. A 26-year-old “Geekstar,” Louie embodies the streets of the East side and the beats of Columbus, crafting an authentic narrative that transcends hardship.

From the rough upbringing in Alabama and Tennessee, Louie emerged as an artist in 2018 with “Freestyle” and “Hush,” his debut project. The transition from North to South enriched his music, creating a unique sound that caught the attention of major labels, including Sony Records.

Louie XO isn’t just a rapper; he’s a multitalented force. As an engineer, graphic designer, video editor, and entrepreneur with his clothing brand, Louie’s creativity knows no bounds. “Nights Inna Booth” isn’t just a track; it’s an unfiltered testament to Louie XO’s relentless pursuit of success.

Louie XO

Louie XO