by Louie XO

Columbus, OH, get ready for a sonic revolution as Louie XO drops his latest hip-hop bombshell, “R.O.Y.” (Realest on You). At just 26, this “Geekstar” has navigated life’s rough patches, drawing inspiration from the streets of the East Side to the vibrant beats of Columbus.

Louie’s musical journey began with the Southern rhythm of Alabama and Tennessee, infusing his sound with a unique blend of North and South. In 2018, he officially declared his presence with the single “Freestyle” and the project “Hush,” marking the birth of Louie XO, the true artist.

Beyond his mic skills, Louie wears multiple hats as an engineer, graphic designer, video editor, and entrepreneur with his clothing brand. With three label offers, including Sony Records, Louie XO is more than an artist; he’s a force shaping the future of hip-hop. “R.O.Y” isn’t just a track; it’s a testament to resilience, ambition, and the unrelenting spirit of Louie XO.

Louie XO

Louie XO