Pretty Penny

by Arya Esi

Arya Esi is an upcoming artist from Tampa, who is trying to bring back the richness of Hip-Hop music in a time when it lacks quality. This year the artist has come up with a remarkable hip hop rap, “Pretty Penny” that would surely pump up a lot of listeners, and that is a fuel that many of us need right now. Soulful verses, subtle pre-chorus and flawless hook in “Pretty Penny” showcases Arya Esi’s versatility as a performer. The balance between significant vocals in such an incredible range and the energetic yet relaxed instrumentals have the ability to leave the listeners impressed. Both the instrumentals and the vocals are finely blended on their own. Subsequently, with the assortment of the two, the song gets almost a thousand times more intriguing. The production is remarkably massive – booming and in your face. The fiery beats that immediately come throughout the song have a very unique rhythmic structure. Tying everything together is a sense of unbothered coolness. More importantly, the ending where the background music fades out and listeners are left with the single echoing in their head all day. There are some incredibly dominant electronic elements underpinning the hip-hop verses, giving the song a graceful syncopation. The amazing bridge does a nice job adding an extra blissed out a counterpoint to the hard hitting beat around it. It is true that there are plenty of songs with similar techniques used in this song but Arya Esi pulled it off flawlessly. Consequently, “Pretty Penny” is particularly an ambitious work, and its influential groove works as an asset. The entire track is amazingly composed around Arya Esi’s mastery of music. If you are disappointed in the new hip-hop rap releases, “Pretty Penny” will leave you hyped and enthralled. And what more can you really ask for?