Rainbow Boulevard

by Mosez

“Rainbow Boulevard” opens with a beautiful, classically inspired riff that sets the mood for the song below. Mosez’s lead vocals express their ideas in a very emotional and open way with its beautiful soft tone, sometimes humming nature and overall soft dramatic presentation. The song is about a new romantic relationship you may have with a person who has experienced a breakdown or despair in the past. If you have a love like this type, You feel those feelings, that love in your heart. That feeling is well expressed through this song.

Moses is a singer based in Vienna, Austria. He is young and he has been singing since he was a child. He has previously released 4 songs, all of which were recorded professionally. This amazing soul has always wanted to make a difference through his amazing music and has proved that he is one in a million by releasing these beautiful songs.

There is an honesty about the song that is often associated with pop music, and this is well emphasized by the artist’s vocal performance. Also, there are a lot of things that are creatively interesting and engaging around the whole thing and the supporting equipment. The song creates a productive and memorable atmosphere, and when all else fails, it leaves a lot of room for you to truly take in the lyrics and the emotions behind the performance.

Like musical instruments, the sound is loud, stylish, and brilliant. Throughout his musical prowess is flawless, Moses also excels in his voice and guitar skills. Mosez’s voice has energy and confidence, and it carries that melody brilliantly. The male harmony adds a really pleasant dynamic to the track, filling out any remaining space even further, so what you get all in all is a massive sounding piece of music; a lot of good energy, and something that is likely to make for a wonderful live experience if you’re lucky enough to catch one. Stay tuned with this awesome soul to witness many more amazing works in the future.