The Land Beyond

by Josh Arnold

Josh Arnold is an expert songwriter, performer, and music producer with more than 20 years of industry experience. He lives in Australia. He has proudly released 3 albums. The artist has composed music of various genres, and his songs have been featured on television programs around the world and played nationally on radio stations throughout Australia. Josh works with schools, small towns and various organizations to create original songs and music videos for his production company, Small Town Culture.

In 2001 Josh Arnold stormed onto the Australian Music scene with his alternative country rock Album, ‘Galvanize’, which became a cult classic. With songs like ‘Yodeo Trailer’ and ‘Hardlivin’ a unique sound and brand of music was forged.The Album was nominated for 3 Golden Guitars winning the award for best vocal collaboration. In recent years, Josh has developed his own production company, ‘Small Town Culture’, which collaborates with schools and small towns to create original songs and music videos across Australia. Josh’s songs have received national airplay in Australia and have been synced on various TV shows locally and overseas.

His musical adventures have taken him to some incredible places, but most importantly the children he meets and works with along the way. He is proud to have grown up in a small town and it is such a privilege and inspiration to work with children all over our beautiful country and to create music that depicts who they are.

Josh Arnold released one of his addictive songs “The Land Beyond”. It is a creative song. The Land Beyond ‘is a song about traveling, exploring the world and connecting with people from different cultures. He sang this song with children. It is really nice and those kids are also talented. If we talk about the lyrics it is meaningful. He gives some messages to us through his songs. And his voice is gentle. It is interesting to hear.a