Unbreakable Habits

by Sedric Perry

Unbreakable Habits ,the song is soulful and addictive in the first place. Sung by Sedric Perry and Yuphoric, two artists who hail from New York City and Berlin respectively. The collaboration appears a success as Unbreakable Habits do capture your heart immediately. I would compare listening to Unbreakable Habits to having a love at first sight. You can not ignore the charisma of the song.

At first you would assume this to be a full on romantic song. However, you will be proven otherwise. Romantic !! Yes , definitely not sure it is the kind of romance the society would approve of though
Irony is , once we develop a habit it is unbreakable , irrespective of its nature. Here, Sedric and not to forget Yuphoric both portray the sheer difficulty of having developed Unbreakable Habits and how addictive things could be. Perhaps it could be the ecstasy , people engage in those Unbreakable Habits.
After who could beat the ecstasy of an illicit love.

As you bask in the feeling of ecstasy , spending the nights with them would be the only solace for the mind and body which is clearly depicted through the song. Especially those lines “ And when the sun disappears I get to lose my mind , I’m counting down the minutes till I can feel you in it , seems like the choice is never mine, on and on , Oh! I just can’t get enough” hits you hard. And you know there is no coming back from an illicit love once you tasted a dollop of it.

The music is of a slow beat and rhymes really well with lyrics , and is addictive too. Both Sedric Perry and Yuphoric, have some credible song portfolios with a quite substantial number of listeners on Spotify , an acknowledged platform for song listeners. The “ Love in You ” , the hit song of theirs , has already cemented .Unbreakable habits will surely be a hit given its gospel and soulful nature.

Sedric Perry

Sedric Perry