by KayKay

KayKay, a relatively new artist who had earlier debuted in 2021 has released a new song and it is called “ Violin”. An electro song with a heavy influence of Hip Hop and a tinge of Rap catches your heart straight away. His early debut song “ Luv Hearts” has a similar theme in terms of music, which makes me believe KayKay aspires to achieve great heights through electro Hip Hop and Rap.

Throughout the song “Violin” one could feel the funkiness the artist was trying to convey.No wonder , given that KayKay is barely eighteen as of now. The oozing streaks of carefreeness , fun has a direct link to his age which definitely has an impact on his worldly views at large. The Rap is free flowing and it is smooth.

Getting over a heartbreak it seems.KayKay penetrates the agony,the frustration out and he does not care about the world. Does not mince his words too.KayKay won’t stop it and shouldn’t stop it either. An artist needs to have the independence to put forth the best work. If KayKay remains true to his soul , he will become a great artist in the near future. What he needs is dedication and constant effort in improving his caliber while securing the fun portion of his artistry.

Also living in Colorado , where music is coherent to their culture and an array of artist in different genres such as Pop, Rock , Hip Hop , Jazz, Country music , Indie , Folk influencing the lives of the citizen surely must have had its impact on KayKay to become an artist who pursue music for fun. And that’s fine too.
Not everybody has to be deeply passionate and serious in producing music. Some ought to be fun as KayKay.

My only request is to listen to “Violin” for a change and YOU decide the quality .All the best KayKay enjoy the fun while you could do so as life has its own ways of throwing curveballs. Good luck !